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The first Alpha test is over! Boy was it a bad experience. Tons of bugs, glitches, text errors, and few things to do! All will be fixed in Alpha Test 2.

Here are some welcoming updates that I’ve added since I haven’t posted anything in a while.

– Added plenty of ETCs that drop from monsters (loot to sell!)
– Added new skills to Xenik and Kyte (who have only a few skills)
– Tuned prices of items, cheaper now!
– Increased Lune drop by 1 for all mobs.
– Added general shop (FINALLY!)
– New animations added to project


Alpha Test Starts Today!

Huzzah! Finally, after tons of tweaking, I’m entering my first alpha test.

Forgot to do updates past few days, so here’s pretty much what I did

– Added quest in Armour shop in Aloria
– Added all mobs in Bainrock
– Added two bosses in Bainrock: Phoenix and Molten Golem
– Added a ton of new skills for enemies and general skills (so you may see more than 1 character having that skill)
– Added a couple of skills to each character (around 5-6 per character now)
– Small tweaks to boss hp, mp
– Added two sets of armour in the game Leather and Bronze (set effects also!)
– Added many new achievements
– Added all rankings to the Guild of Erhos

There are more updates I’ve don,e but this is pretty much the sum.

One thing to note. This is a TECHNICAL demo, which means that the story has not been planned/worked out very detailed in the demo, and is going to change from the original plan.

Entering Alpha Testing Soon

I am hoping by the end of Sunday or Monday I will have a demo ready for Alpha testers.

And once again, here are some quick patch notes I’ve done since the last post

– Fix portals, now animated all of them (some were broken)
– Added new quest from the Weapon Shop
– Added all the Ice/Fire/Thunder type skills.
– Added/fixing/tuning *rage*(overdrive) skills
– Adding/tuning Zelin’s skillset.
– Added all the mobs in Bainrock Dungeon
– Added *shield* states for elements (25% reduced damage from element source)

Still working on releasing a demo soon.


– Portals teleporting you from one map to another. (was a quickfix, kinda ugly and it didn’t work properly, fixed now)
– Weapon shop quest almost finish (a bug is stopping it from working perfectly)

Small Update

Here is some stuff I’ve updated the game so far with
Beginner Armour Set
A couple of different potions/foods
A few new monsters to accommodate the new(old :3) dungeon called Bainrock
Testing/balancing enemies
Testing revised character charts (their stats)
Adding new skills

Back in Action

Long time no see everyone. Finally back on the project. Was very lazy before ;3

Small updates will be posted daily or every two days.


For first news, I have done and updated the system and there are tons of options, from lots of equipment options (like legs, gloves, armour, helmet, shield, 2 ring slots, and an accessory slot) to the mass amount of achievements for those craving things to do.

New update soon!

Version 0.031

This adds some fixes to the game.

– Supposedly fixes the *text scrolling off text box*

– Removed saving on menu

There is also an NPC that you can talk to in the city that has an unfinished quest. You can not get iron ore at fire slimes yet, so don’t try to grind there for it 😀

New fixes + updates will be added to 0.04 (if I don’t have to make a 0.032 update)

Out of Hiatus!

I will be finally going out of hiatus. I will now work again on my game, but at a much slower pace, since school will be occupying most of my time, and I have some other things to do as well.


The game will be going on hiatus for some time until I want to work on the game again. I’ll post again when it happens, which wont probably be for maybe another month.

Slow Updates

Well, so far I haven’t done much yet. (Been a bit lazy and occupied) And I just fixed a couple of bugs that caused the game to have problems too.

Updates are going to go slower, but I;m still working on it from time to time adding and fixing stuff. Just not motivated today, guess it’ll be better by August.